Drug addiction is a complicated subject that is frequently misunderstood and misrepresented. To help family members and loved ones caught in its grip, it is necessary to understand the basic tenets required to overcome addiction. Basic knowledge regarding addiction lays a solid foundation and provides appropriate tools for a successful strategy that ultimately results in drug-free living.

Addiction Information and Facts

It is easy to assume that individuals battling drug addiction maintain low morals, are mentally inept or have poor lack firmly held beliefs. While it is true that initial drug use may be the result of mental health challenges or life’s tragedies, long-term addiction often occurs as the result of chemical dependency developed by the mind and body. This dependency makes daily tasks nearly impossible without continued use.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse defines addiction as “a disease that develops in the brain and ultimately causes the individual to seek the chemical at all costs.” Dependency is challenging for a person when trying to break the physical and psychological reliance upon the drug.


Fighting Against Dependence

As previously stated, drug addiction is the result of physical and mental dependency upon a specified substance. Specific signs and symptoms can vary from person to person. However, addiction always starts with a physical dependence upon the drug. Continued use results in higher dose dependency to satisfy cravings.

Signs and symptoms of withdrawal occur if the substance is withheld for a length of time. The time between administration or use depends upon the substance taken and length of dependency. However, physical dependency is only part of the battle.

Psychological dependency presents a challenge equal to physical dependency and may even surpass it in some cases. Psychological dependency has its root in several different causes. They include mental health conditions, trauma, and stress. Challenges associated with these conditions cause the body and mind to crave the substance as a coping mechanism. As a result, the brain becomes hooked on several different levels, making cessation extremely difficult.

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Overcoming Addiction

There is hope for individuals struggling with addiction. Caring Hands Recovery is a professional organization that has developed a successful program. Our program focuses on initial causes of use, challenges incurred as a result of continued use, and personal interests that will help prevent recidivism (relapsing into old bad habits).

Physical dependency usually triggers cravings. Therefore, any successful treatment program must address physical dependency as its first step. Caring Hands Recovery implements a medically-supervised detoxification program that addresses and eliminates physical symptoms. Once these challenges have been successfully addressed, it is possible to deal with psychological dependency.

Continued counseling helps to unmask underlying issues related to drug use and is offered to each individual in the program. Once the issues are identified, participants receive individualized programs and tools to meet specific needs. As a result, programs differ from person to person.

Drug addiction develops from a myriad of causes. Therefore, individualized programs offer the best opportunity for long-term success. Caring Hands Recovery also offers continued support through its aftercare programs. These programs help transition individuals from chemical dependency to healthy, drug-free living.

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Sobriety and Aftercare with Caring Hands Recovery

These transitional programs offer continued counseling and coping strategies that address stress, anxiety, and related emotional challenges. However, ongoing support and assistance is vital for long-term success. Unrelated to morals, willpower, or principle, addiction is a mental disease that requires professional treatment. These professionals provide tools, support, and relevant information necessary to wage a successful war against addiction.

Recovery is a process, not a destination. It’s easy to personalize the struggle of drug addiction and view the person as one who does not care. This often leads to frustration, anger, and isolation on the part of the individual. Pursuing something that only destroys is hard for non-addicts to comprehend. Great patience and empathy is a must for any family member or friend who desires to support those trapped by drug addiction.

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Drug Addiction

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